Interior coated door frames

In 2009, our company started to produce veneer coated door frames.  We took this step on the basis of many requests from our customers.  By purchasing new technology, we completed the whole line of products in the area of veneering.

Door frames are made  of MDF to which an outer veneer of the required wood type is compressed.  The coating is covered with one piece of veneer so they have the appearance of solid wood.  Door frames are supplied in five pieces of coating with a length of 2070mm and a width of 70mm, two pieces of the centre of the door frame to a length of 2070mm and one piece to a length of 1030mm.  Widths are produced to match the width of the wall and customer requirements, tailored precisely.  Door frames can simply be cut to the required angles and joined.  This significantly increased the effectiveness of production since it eliminates many operations related to the production.

We can also deliver other widths or lengths of coatings upon request.

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