Unfinished interior door with affixed solid wood

This type of door is one of the best door constructions in relation to strength, insulation and aesthetics.  Unlike a honeycomb construction, the door is infilled with DTD which is inserted in surrounding solid wood frame, on which a coating of 6mm MDF is compressed and after formatting, a solid wood board matching the door surface veneer is glued.  After affixing the solid wood board, the doors are standardised and the veneer is affixed crosswise to stabilise the entire door construction and subsequently, a surface veneer is a fixed to this surface.  With such construction, we achieve the effect of a solid wood door since the door edges are made of actual solid wood which can be finished by milling without a difference in the edge colour being seen.

The advantage of this door is dimensional and shape stability and the possibility to cut openings for glass or cassette panes in any section of the door, since the infill is of solid material and there is no necessity to insert additional battens to strengthen the frame.  The type of veneer can be selected from various types of wood, for which corresponding solid wood can be affixed, i.e. 30 types of domestic and exotic types of wood.

As for the honeycomb doors, it is possible to compress the frame and spliced veneers in a thickness of 0.6 to 0.9mm.  Doors are glued with powdered urea formaldehyde glue which has low permeability into the veneer and therefore it is possible to stain them with water and solvent wood stains.  The maximum size of the door panel is 1250 x 2500mm with a panel thickness of 38 to 43mm.  Door dimensions are produced to meet the customer’s requirements plus an additional 10mm in height and width.  This unfinished door is designed for further processing and surface finishing.

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