Exterior sandwich doors

One of our other products is the exterior sandwich door.  We produce them in euro profile thicknesses of 68 mm, 78 mm and 88 mm.  We produce several types of constructions related to thermal insulation.

Most used is the proven construction with a solid circumference frame, reinforced with a steel grid and the whole frame is compressed between two waterproof plywood sheets to which the cut veneer is affixed.  At the customer’s request, veneer can be supplied to correspond with the type of wood.  As one of few companies, we also offer the production of doors where the veneer consists of various shapes at the customer’s request which creates a very attractive product design, which will make an attractive entrance to every building.  We produce doors to the customer's dimensions with a 10mm addition in height and width.  The maximum size of the panel can be 1200 x 2480mm.  For most demanding applications, for passive and energy saving buildings, we have developed a door in which we have achieved a calculated thermal resistance of U – 0.69 at a thickness of 88mm and door dimensions of 1000 x 2000mm.

The advantage of these constructions is stability of shape, very good thermal and noise insulation compared to solid wood doors.

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