Interior honeycomb unfinished door

As stated in the title, a honeycomb door consists of honeycomb infill and an MDF covering which is veneered.  The honeycomb is inserted into a frame made of solid wood or MDF.  If MDF is used for the frame, finishing the edges with tape is not necessary since the colour of the edge is the same as through the entire cross section.  In the lock area, the frame is strengthened to double its width on both sides to indicate whether the door is a left- or right-opening door.  The frame profile is 50 x 28mm, the MDF is 6mm thick and guarantees high rigidity compared to a classic honeycomb door where only 3mm thick MDF is used.

The final finish consists of natural veneer with a thickness of 0.6 or 0.9mm.  It is possible to press foils or HPL foils (umacart).  Doors are supplied without final finishing and grinding.  The dimensions of the door are 10mm greater in width and height.  The choice of veneer is up to the customer, who can select from around a hundred types of veneer or aroveneer.  It is also possible to com around a hundred ty ps of0PL foilss of 0.6 or 0.9mm. press frames and spliced inlayed veneers.

Doors are thermally glued using powdered urea formaldehyde glue with meets the E1 emission group and due to its properties which minimise glue leakage through the veneer, it is also suitable for use under water and solvent wood stains.  Door dimensions are produced to meet the customer’s requirements plus an additional 10mm.  The maximum size of the door panel is 1250 x 2500mm, standard thickness of a door is 41mm but it is possible to modify this from 30 to 50mm.  This unfinished door is designed for further processing and surface finishing.

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